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3 ways to ensure you get exactly what you order!

3 ways to ensure you get exactly what you order!

There are 3 ways you can ensure you get exactly what you order from your friendly sign company!
1. Make sure you receive a proof before your sign is produced. Discuss the proof with with the sign company and make sure understand how to read it.
2. Review your proof completely and thoroughly!
* Make sure you check the measurements on the proof. Get your tape measure out and double check the size of your order that is about to be printed & or created!
* Make sure you understand and are happy with the material that will be used to create your sign!
* Check for Spelling or Number errors! Is your information spelled accurately? Is your contact information correct?
3. If possible have someone in your company double check the proof for errors! Other people may notice mistakes that you didn't!

The proofing process is critical to you being satisfied with your end product! Once your sign goes into production with your approval you will be responsible for any mistakes that you did not notice. So keep these 3 points in mind!

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