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Variations of color, AKA THE dress

Variations of color, AKA THE dress

If you haven't heard about "the dress" by now you might want to do a Google search or check your Facebook. The conversation is regarding one picture of a dress, and what two colors the dress is? It's been narrowed down to two choices:

1. White and gold
2. Black and blue

Even here at SignAffects some of us have different opinions on the color - which makes us realize why there may be discrepancies when we work with our customers to choose colors for their signs! We typically use Pantone color matching system when trying to match a color or choosing a new color. This way, the customer and designer are looking at the same shade. If it is a very specific color or color scheme, we'll have an example printed so that it can be seen in person - computer screens are not always reliable because they may show a variation in colors from one to the next. Now, whether or not it looks like two different colors to each person is another story! Sending a proof to our customers and having it approved is one of the most important steps in the process of making a new design, or recreating an old one.

Take a look at the dress and tell us what you think, and keep in mind when making your next sign - color can be trickier than we realize!

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