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Importance of safety meetings

Each month, the SignAffects team sits down together and goes over a predetermined safety topic which directly relates to our staff and workflow. This process is important so that everyone understands why we need to be safe, how we can continue to be safe and necessary steps to take in case something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen. The best thing anyone (and every business) can do is to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Most of our topics cover areas which specifically relate to our install team; primarily because they are in the elements every day and deal with the majority of dangerous situations. However, the discussions are made to include everyone on the team; from the owner, to install, to the office assistant.

Topics we have covered include welding and torch safety, weather safety, first aid, lock out/ tag out, driving safety, safety harness usage, CPR training and more. We take our training seriously because we want our employees to go home safely to their families at the end of the day. We also want to be a good example of a company that sets a high bar in safety; not only for other companies to look up to, but also for our customers to know we are proud of what we do and we strive to do it well.

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