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The Thrill of Permitting

The Thrill of Permitting

Often times the permit process is a step that is not considered when new signage is desired, which can cause many issues - each jurisdiction has their own set of rules & codes for what they allow in their area. The overall size of the sign, colors, fonts, placement on the building (and more!) all play a role into whether the City or County will approve the signage. Thankfully, the permit experts at SignAffects are always ready to take care of the permitting process for our customers. This includes not only creating and filing the necessary paperwork, but keeping track of the permit's status and following up with the proper officials when necessary. It is not always an easy process, but in the State of Ohio, whomever is to install the signage is legally required to pull the permit, so we see it as a necessary step in doing things correctly from the beginning.

Shown here is a recent snippet on the process through the City of Columbus (Ohio) of all the steps development projects must pass through. Though not all of these steps are specific to signs, many of them are, and as the codes evolve and change, having someone on your side to know what hoops must be jumped through is an essential part of your signage getting done.

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