What happens to old signage?

  • By Lisa L
  • 30 Jan, 2014

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What happens to old signage?
At SignAffects we are always looking out for our customers and our environment! Old signage can use excessive amounts of electricity and sometimes may present wiring issues that are not up to code. Replacing old signage may be a necessity rather than a choice! The sign pictured is heading to a much better place.... the scrap yard. Yes we recycle as much as possible!


By Lisa D 29 Aug, 2017
Often times the permit process is a step that is not considered when new signage is desired, which can cause many issues - each jurisdiction has their own set of rules & codes for what they allow in their area. The overall size of the sign, colors, fonts, placement on the building (and more!) all play a role into whether the City or County will approve the signage. Thankfully, the permit experts at SignAffects are always ready to take care of the permitting process for our customers. This includes not only creating and filing the necessary paperwork, but keeping track of the permit's status and following up with the proper officials when necessary. It is not always an easy process, but in the State of Ohio, whomever is to install the signage is legally required to pull the permit, so we see it as a necessary step in doing things correctly from the beginning.

Shown here is a recent snippet on the process through the City of Columbus (Ohio) of all the steps development projects must pass through. Though not all of these steps are specific to signs, many of them are, and as the codes evolve and change, having someone on your side to know what hoops must be jumped through is an essential part of your signage getting done.

By Lisa D 26 Jul, 2017
We are feeling bad for this family, but unfortunately this can happen all too easily when working with exterior electric signs and many end users don't appreciate or respect that. This is why we train our technicians to work with all types of signage, and have safety measures in place to avoid detrimental mistakes.
By Lisa D 01 Mar, 2017

SignAffects is looking for some great installers to add to our team!! Must have a clean driving record, be trust-worthy, able to pass a drug test, and able to work 9-5 Monday through Friday. The position is primarily outside work and installation ranges from window vinyl to large channel letters - previous experience is great but not mandatory. Please email our office manager with your inquiries: Admin@signaffects.com .

We look forward to our next great team member!

By Lisa D 13 Feb, 2017
Did you know SignAffects has moved?? Still in the same zip code, just up the road a bit! Our new address:

10079 Smith Calhoun Road, Plain City, Ohio 43064.

As always, feel free to swing by & check out our new arrangements. Our phone number (740.369.SIGN) and our emails are still the same. We look forward to serving you! Thank you!

By Lisa D 22 Jul, 2016

Our newest wall mural that we installed this week! Follow the link to read all about it!

By Lisa D 30 Jun, 2016

We often have customers who aren't sure of what all we're capable of. Our answer is most often, YES! We can do that! Whether it is a run of decals for your company vehicles, a car wrap or your new business's signage needs, we're only a phone call away. From there, we can give you a quote and a proof, and figure out how to best turn your creative ideas into reality!

Check out our FaceBook page for more photos of this project!

By Lisa D 09 Jun, 2016

We recently installed one of our largest vinyl jobs to date - North Campus Gateway at OSU. Our whole team came together for this job: from permitting and design, to planning , equipment rental & install. We also worked hand-in-hand with the FastSigns Columbus team to help them accomplish the install! We are all very proud of this install!!

Check out our FaceBook page for more images!

By Lisa D 27 Oct, 2015
Did you know we can do very LARGE signs? Take at look at one of our most recent installs: a huge Sonic sign we installed in Marion, Ohio.

In case you're thinking your job is too big, we assure you, it's NOT!

By Lisa D 14 May, 2015

Summertime is upon us and we're getting busy at SignAffects. Call us as soon as you have details ready about your order so that we can get it in line. Whether it's a building sign, vinyl for a window, car graphics, a banner...the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy the weather! We know our installers are!

By Lisa D 24 Apr, 2015
Occasionally when ground signs and automobiles intersect we will see signs like this one. We do our best to get it removed and replaced as quickly as possible, knowing that this is definitely not good business! Keeping us in the loop and letting us know what needs done as soon as you can helps to keep the process running smoother and faster.

Feel free to call us as well if you see a sign - even if it's not yours - so that we can contact the owner and help them get it replaced. We love keeping our community looking great!

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